Daily participation and engagement are encouraged. Each day will include a mixture of live, online class sessions; facilitated, small group discussions; collaborative group work; and independent work. Students should attend the course block that best suits their time zone and/or personal preferences. Complete course details will be provided in the course syllabus, to be issued in advance of the first class.

  • Batch Finale: Finale will be held on a weekend; time will be determined based on time zones with students choosing groups that allow them to engage at the times best suited to their schedules.

COVID-19 is impacting people all over the world, and in turn, changing the course of business. The Future of the Business World course was created to leverage this opportunity to engage students in a timely conversation about the future of business, a future they will lead. The course, built exclusively in an online format, brings the best of Solutus Global Education together with some of the brightest young people in the world.

As the Future of the Business World online course is offered on a non-credit basis, no formal grades are assigned. However, students who successfully complete all assignments are awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Kids do not need to have an idea for a product before starting the entrepreneurship program. We provide several product options for kids to choose from. They are welcome to choose one of the products and make it as is, or they can innovate and build off the idea, or they come up with an idea on their own.

The emphasis is on understanding the process in level 1. Foundation is important

No past experience is needed to support kids through our programs. The concepts are easy to grasp and applicable to our day-to-day lives. We provide resources for parents to stay in the loop throughout the entrepreneur program, including email updates and summaries of key concepts, and ways to help draw connections to support their learning throughout the week.

Our facilitators come with diverse backgrounds, from mentors, to corporate people and entrepreneurs with at least 10 to 15 years of work/business experience. They are encouraging and passionate about making a change in the lives of children as they teach program in a creative way, customized to the age group.