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Why Is Entrepreneurship Education in Schools?

Entrepreneurship education aims on improving real-world skills that will help students to lead exceptional lives in a rapidly changing world.

Entrepreneurship education teaches students crucial life skills, such as:

  • How to work as a team and collaborate with people of different skill sets
  • How to prepare an efficient presentation and improve public speaking skills
  • How to do market research and analyse data
  • How to use social media as a promotion tool
  • How to solve real, complex problems that don’t have a definitive answer
  • How to use inquisitiveness and imagination to find an innovative approach to difficult problems

Students learn to understand the product development cycle, come up with their own unique business proposals, and deliver numerous pitch presentations.

This process results in a greater college preparation experience that serves our students long after they’ve graduated high-school.

Entrepreneurship education not only helps those pursuing the fields of science, technology, and business. But also students of art music, and humanities can develop their imagination and learn how to apply creative thinking skills to real-world problems.

Schools need not teach these skills on their own. We will partner with you to develop these much-needed skills of the future.